Chris Comport

Craftsman Kits.....

...are words synonomous with Fine Scale Miniatures, developed in the seventies by noted modelist George Selios. Many of you have a closet full of yellow boxes and your either waiting to build them or maybe trade them for a few more appreciated dollars. Maybe you're thinking , "I sure would like to have at least one showpiece before I assume room temperature."

In recent years, Craftsman kit maufacturers Have really produced some fabulous structures. In addition to FSM, South River Modelworks, B.T.S., Sierra West and a host of others now utilize laser technology to make them easier to build. But they still require you to open the box, read the lengthy instruction booklets, buy blades, glue and paint, and spend a couple hours every night for six months before you can really enjoy it.

Money? We can all make more. Time? Now that's a limited commodity.

I developed this website to advertise my passion.....building model structures for others. The Lord blessed me with certain talents and for this I am grateful. The modelwork illustrated in the next few pages is a small sample of my work over the last 25 years. It's not "fine art" as some have suggested only because I refuse to make up some "loopy" philosophy about my lifestyle and motivations. I just think miniatures are COOL!

Take a look at your collection. Isn't there one or two that you'd love to have sitting on the corner of your desk at work? Or maybe decorating a bookshelf in your den? If you think you might, give me a call or e-mail me any time...

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