Where Does Shein Ship From and How Is it So Cheap? (2024)

By Katie Rees


You're probably tempted by cheap prices, but where do Shein clothes come from? Are they good quality items?

Where Does Shein Ship From and How Is it So Cheap? (1)

Today, many shoppers opt for stores that offer fashionable clothing pieces at lower prices. But when popular stores advertise clothes at super low prices, it is only natural to be a little suspicious. Shein is a company that rose to prominence by promoting cheap products, sometimes selling garments for as little as 30 cents.

But where is Shein based, where does it ship from, and how is it so cheap?

Why Is Shein So Cheap?

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Shein is a legitimate store on paper, but there are a few reasons why its clothes are so cheap. It may sound a little contradictory, but local clothing lines that operate domestically often cost more than items shipped from overseas. But why do this?

Working conditions and quality standards are not the same between nations, and wages can differ massively from place to place. In certain countries, the minimum wage is far lower than that seen in western nations like the US, UK, and Canada, and fashion companies know this.

By outsourcing labor, clothing retailers can cut costs and boost profits by paying workers less. And, when labor costs are cut, product costs can be cut, too, leading to super affordable clothing.

In short, Shein produces its clothes in generic wholesale factories to keep its costs at a minimum. While this allows you to buy clothes at dirt-cheap prices, it poses an ethical dilemma. The working standards of Shein seamstresses are controversial, to say the least. According to the BBC, some Shein warehouse workers work upwards of 75 hours a week.

It's also worth noting that certain "fast fashion" brands (i.e. those that mass-produce fashion items in a short period of time) like Shein use lower quality materials to produce their clothing, which will be discussed in more detail a little later.

Where Is Shein Located, and Where Do Its Products Come From?

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Some stores plant their headquarters in one country while outsourcing their products from other countries, often at a greatly-reduced personal cost. Where are Shein clothes made specifically, though?

Shein is a company from China. While it has a base in China, there is no physical store or chain of shops responsible for managing orders. Shein began as an online retailer that only has occasional pop-up locations around the world, without permanent storefronts. Originally, everything on the site shipped directly from China. Now, the clothing on Shein comes from several wholesale warehouses around the world.

Although many items still ship directly from Chinese factories, local places offer shorter waiting times for the same products. For the sake of logistics, the dots are connected. Though Shein is a Chinese company with its headquarters located in Singapore, the products it sells come from around the globe.

In general, if you notice something is incredibly cheap, it makes sense to check the tags. More often than not, new products that are suspiciously cheap come from a wholesale factory located in another country. Like many other discount online retailers like Wish or Ali Express, Shein is no exception.

Many famous companies receive harsh criticism when linked to unethical and dishonest practices. It’s the price society pays to save a quick buck, but moral dilemmas aren’t the only problem associated with these “imported” items. How is Shein so cheap? You might be paying extra on the back-end when you need to replace what you buy much sooner than expected.

Is Shein Good Quality?

So the old saying goes: you get what you pay for. This is incredibly relevant in the case of Shein. The company offers clothes at low prices because they are often of low quality. You should not expect clothes you get through Shein to be super durable or expertly made.

If it's long-lasting pieces you're looking for, it's safer to opt for more expensive products made with the right materials by highly reputable brands.

Shein's clothes are definitely inexpensive for a reason, but not every Shein purchase will end up being a tragic rip-off. Sometimes, you end up with clothes that last for years. Other items lose their shape or color after a couple of trips through the washing machine. Shopping at Shein can often be hit-or-miss, so keep this in mind.

When looking for something on Shein, remember to pay close attention to the reviews. You should also commit yourself to a bit of research on the type of garment that's caught your eye, as well as any drawbacks associated with the material used or the cut.

If you're at all concerned about Shein's practices, consider trying other affordable and sustainable options, such as online thrift stores.

Should I Purchase Clothes From Shein?

Buying clothes from Shein is a personal choice, and there are many factors to consider. There are many people that shop regularly from Shein and be happy with the service, while others are left disappointed.

There's nothing better than grabbing a deal, of course, but if you want to shop sustainably or ethically, Shein likely isn't the right choice. There are plenty of other stores that focus on sustainable and ethical practices you can use instead.

Where Does Shein Ship From and How Is it So Cheap? (2024)


Where Does Shein Ship From and How Is it So Cheap? ›

Global Manufacturing and Shipping: Shein is located in Nanjin, China, and has expanded its global shipping to reach customers worldwide. By manufacturing their products in countries with lower labor and production costs, they can keep their expenses down.

Why is Shein shipping cheap? ›

Shein is also based in China, which doesn't require direct to consumer companies to pay export taxes. This allows Shein to lower their shipping expenses even more.

Where does Shein usually ship from? ›

As such, it's easy to see why nearly all of SHEIN's orders are shipped from China—it's simply the most efficient way for them to stay competitive in today's crowded e-commerce landscape!

Is Shein from China or the USA? ›

Shein was founded in 2012 in China, although it moved its headquarters to Singapore in 2021. It contracts with thousands of Chinese factories that churn out new styles every day, and has services such as warehousing and back offices there.

Is Shein worth ordering from? ›

Only for pieces you won't wear often

With Shein, you get what you pay for: low-cost, trendy clothes that can be hit or miss when it comes to actual quality. It's the online-only equivalent of mall stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Zara.

Is it safe to buy from Shein? ›

While Shein follows the industry standard regarding its security technology and employs widely recognized payment options, you should remember that no website on the internet is 100% secure. In fact, Shein displays a lot of pop-ups, some of which can lead to third-party websites.

How is Shein able to be so cheap? ›

Their direct-to-consumer model, minimal overhead costs, cost-effective marketing strategy, fast fashion business model, global manufacturing and shipping, and economies of scale all contribute to their ability to offer products at lower prices compared to traditional retailers.

How fast is SHEIN delivery? ›

While delivery times can vary, customers can generally expect their orders to arrive within 7-10 business days after the order has been processed and shipped. Express Shipping: For those who need their orders to arrive more quickly, Shein offers express shipping options.

How long does it take for SHEIN to deliver to my house? ›

How long does Shein take to ship? -Shein's standard US shipping can take 9-11 business days or 13-15 calendar days to arrive at your MyUS suite.. -Shein's express shipping can take 6-8 business days or 9-11 calendar days to arrive at MyUS. Where does Shein ship from?

How much do SHEIN workers get paid? ›


The average SHEIN hourly pay ranges from approximately $16 per hour (estimate) for a Store Associate to $45 per hour (estimate) for an Evaluar ropa. SHEIN employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.5/5 stars.

Who is SHEIN owned by? ›

The brand has found great appeal among young customers because its clothing has lifestyle appeal and is timely for each season. However, there are many questions about Shein regarding its business practices. The company is currently owned by Sky Xu, also known as Chris Xu in the International English media.

What did SHEIN used to be called? ›

Shein, originally named ZZKKO, was founded in China in 2008 by entrepreneur and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing specialist Chris Xu (Xu Yangtian). Information on Xu's educational and career background remains elusive as of 2022, with sources conflicting on details of his biography.

Who owns Sheglam? ›

Zoetop Business Co., Limited is the owner of the “SHEGLAM” trademarks and service marks, registered in many countries. The “SHEGLAM” trademarks and service marks may not be used without the express written prior permission of Zoetop Business Co., Limited. THIS SERVICE MAY CONTAIN TRANSLATIONS POWERED BY GOOGLE.

Does SHEIN sell high quality? ›

Inconsistent Quality: While Shein offers some high-quality items, the overall quality can be hit or miss.

What are the negatives of SHEIN? ›

The e-commerce brand, which is reliant on digital influencer marketing to generate the majority of its advertising, has been found to severely underpaid workers, exploit and plagiarize the designs of emerging creatives, has reportedly sold Nazi symbols and produces garments that contain an unsafe level of toxic ...

Is SHEIN true to size? ›

Short Answer: Mostly Accurate, With a Little Homework

SHEIN sizes tend to be fairly accurate, especially if you take the time to measure yourself and compare it to their size charts for each item. Since SHEIN serves a global market, they strive to make their sizing as universal as possible.

How much does SHEIN usually charge for shipping? ›

Generally, SHEIN offers free standard shipping on orders over a certain amount, which varies from country to country. If your order doesn't hit that minimum, a standard shipping fee applies, usually around $3.99 to $12.99, based on your location and the shipping method selected.

How to get SHEIN free shipping? ›

SHEIN is all about that free shipping life. We've spotted SHEIN coupon codes for free shipping on $10+. There are also special shipping promotions on Sundays and Wednesdays. Plus, if all else fails, you can always get free delivery on $29 orders.

What is so special about SHEIN? ›

The company sells clothing that is cheaply and rapidly produced, then sold at incredibly low prices — many items are under $10. Shein gave fast fashion a whole new meaning by using AI technology to identify trends and an online-only model to churn out thousands of garments in record time.

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