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I’ve always enjoyed my coffee – in fact I really can’t start the day without one (or perhaps two!!) to give me a kick start! :)

We actually have owned an espresso machine for many years (way before our Thermomix) – but I do often get asked how can people make a latte or cappuccino in their Thermomix if they do not have an espresso machine.

Method – Grinding Beans

To grind the coffee beans we work on 10g per cup.

  • 1 min / speed 8 – if you are using the ground coffee in a plunger.
  • 2 mins for an espresso machine (because you need a finer grain for espresso)
  • Grind beans (about a week’s worth) and store in a sealed container which keeps out light. (One suggestion is to buy a tin of “Illy” coffee beans which is wonderful but expensive coffee, then re-use the tin!).

Method - Frothing Milk

We have an espresso machine so for one or two cups it’s easy to use the machine. But if you need to make 6 or 8 cups when entertaining, then a coffee machine is much too slow. So make the espresso in the machine, then froth the milk in the Thermomix or make the coffee and milk in the Thermomix.

180g milk per cup - 3 mins for one cup, (longer for more cups) - 70°C / speed 1. Stop when the Thermomix temperature displayreaches 70°. You will know when the milk has reached 70° when the orange light next to the 70° mark is no longer flashing. Please note here that a time must be set on the Thermomix for the temperature to work.

Then to froth the milk 20 sec / speed 8. Leave the MC out for best result – use the basket to avoid splashing.

Method - Coffee

Thermomix coffee is not the same as espresso from a machine, but it’s so quick and pretty close, so it is worth doing if you have to make a number of cups or if you do not have an espresso machine at all. You can also use instant coffee dissolved in 20 mls boiling water instead of espresso or TM coffee.

Add 10grams of ground coffee to the Thermomix bowl for each serve.

Add 150mls of water per serve and heat, 70°C/speed 1 (approximately 4 mins for 4 serves) – make sure it reaches 70°C. You will know when the coffee has reached 70°C when the orange light next to the 70°C mark is no longer flashing.

Pre-heat cups and plunger pot with boiling water.

Pour coffee into a plunger pot.

Method – Coffee – Latte or Cappuccino or Long Black

Pour 120ml of TM coffee or 30ml into each cup and add frothed milk to taste.

For a long black coffee, pour boiled water from the kettle into a cold cup and then top up with the coffee made in the Thermomix. This will retain the beautiful coffee flavour.

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If you have discovered an even better way to replicate a cafe bought latte or cappuccino please feel free to comment below.

Click Herefor more great recipes in a number of e-cookbooks – containing recipes to suit everyone.

If you have enjoyed this recipe then please consider leaving a comment. It’s always refreshing to see comments from people that have tried a recipe and found it a success or tweaked it to suit.

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  1. Emma says

    So if I wanted to grind 200g (for a weeks worth of coffee) is it still 1 min at 8 for plunger?


    • thermofun says

      Yes 1 minute should be enough Emma. :)


  2. Janene says

    Will the coffee grounds actually dissolve in the thermomix?


    • thermofun says

      Yes they sure do Janene :)


  3. Merryn says

    Perfect timing with this post. My Nespresso decided to stop working and no amount of descaling or scrubbing will make it work properly. Looks like I need a new machine which will be a few days away so Thermo latte might just save the day 8)


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ThermoFun - Thirsty Thursday - Coffee - ThermoFun | Thermomix Recipes & Tips (2024)
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