11 GENIUS Freezer & Refrigerator Organization Tips & Hacks (2024)

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My mom was an early adopter of refrigerator organizer bins. I thought that was quite ingenious in itself, until I came across a bunch of the freezer and refrigerator organization tips and hacks that even my mom was impressed with.

Be prepared to learn a few kitchen storage tricks that could change the way you use the refrigerator again.


11 GENIUS Freezer & Refrigerator Organization Tips & Hacks (1)

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  • Designated section for expiring foods
  • Bottle stopper
  • Freezer rack hanger
  • Upright freezer storage
  • Magnetic tins
  • Higher door shelves
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Recommended resources

Maximize vertical storage

Lay these holders* on their side and stack multiple of them to maximize vertical storage in your fridge.

There are also this much more budget-friendly (and colorful) version* too. (via Buzzfeed)

Easy access for kids

The perfect way for kids to access their snacks without messing around with the rest of what's in the fridge, or more importantly, with parents when they're especially busy.(via Pinning with Purpose)

Makeshift ice cube drawer

This is a simple solution for a leaky, faulty automatic ice maker that leaks outside of your fridge. Just use a single chest drawer and fill with ice cubes. (via Hometalk)

Side pocket

Utilize every square inch of your fridge, including the sides with a handy pouch*, demonstrated as so. (via A Dose of Simple)

Lazy Susan

It makes so much sense to have all those condiment bottles that you use sparingly on a lazy susan* so you can access the one you want easily without having to search behind a mountain of bottles. (via Lifehacker)

Designated section for expiring foods

For food that is going to go bad, place it in this Eat me box so you know what needs to be used up asap so it doesn’t rot lost in the abyss of the refrigerator shelves. (via site no longer active)11 GENIUS Freezer & Refrigerator Organization Tips & Hacks (2)

Bottle stopper

Binder clips can serve as a bookend for round bottles on their sides so they don’t roll around. (via Homehacks)

Freezer rack hanger

This is another clever way to use binder clips, this time to hang those opened bags in your freezer so the contents don’t spill all over accidentally as you try to scrounge in the back for something else. (via eHow)

Upright freezer storage

Seriously, mind blown. Like, how did I not think of this before? (via My Fridge Food)

Magnetic tins

So, how about using the outside of your fridge for storage? Not many I know effectively utilize the side of the refrigerator for storage and organization.

Need ideas on what could go on the side? How about spices or those random seasoning and condiment packets from takeout?

Find the full DIY tutorial at the link. (via Tater Tots and Jello)

Higher door shelves

Fantastic way to increase the "height" of the side drawers of your fridge. How cute is that? Just note that this part of the fridge is the warmest, so try storing foods that will be eaten quickly. (via Raising Rubies)

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That rounds up the top freezer and refrigerator organization tips and hacksthat'll save you space inside and out. Get organizing!

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  1. Happy Grandma says

    My only reservation about using the basket for eggs on the door is that if the bar that holds the basket should break or come loose... what a big mess those eggs would make! I’ve lost a jar of jam that way. More than once...


    • Sylvia Wu says

      Yikes! Yes, that is something to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing, Happy Grandma!


    • LaJoya Morris says

      You could actually sit the basket anywhere instead of the door and it would still work.


  2. Lizbeth says

    I’m fortunate in that my large-capacity fridge has 3 shelves in the door and 2.5 shelves plus drawers for meat/cheese, veggies, and fruit. There is definitely no extra space for adding vertical storage! However, having all the food and shelves so close together makes it hard to see or reach the back half of the shelves. I like some of the suggestions you made to help with that, like a lazy Susan for the condiments on my half-shelf, or bins to sort different types of foods (and keep them from sprawling all over the place). I also like the “Eat Me” box. As a single person, I can track my weekly groceries pretty well, but sometimes I still forget things, especially when they disappear to the back wall! Thanks for all the great ideas - you’ve got my mind churning now!
    PS: Do you know of any creative tips for organizing a chest freezer? Even a small one absorbs everything to the bottom except 1 package of chicken breasts and a bag of cauliflower...


    • Sylvia Wu says

      Wow, that's awesome that you're that organized already! For me, it's always challenging to use up all our groceries in the week.

      Anyway, have you thought about using storage bins to keep like things together? You can either do it food group style, like veggies in one, or by expiration date (the stuff you want to use up first vs what can be stored for longer).

      You can stack in layers (the one my in laws have can stack to 3 layers). You can criss cross the bins (so vertical on one layer, horizontal the next, vertical the last) to hopefully make it easier for you to see the contents. Here's a whole bunch of them through Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Y7OBBW, and the one I prefer to use: https://amzn.to/2DC2MpB (affiliate links).

      Alternatively, you can keep laminated sheets on top of your chest freezer to take inventory (label/number the baskets) with dry erase markers.

      Not the best solution, but definitely better than digging through EVERYTHING. I can totally relate to things being lost in the abyss of the bottom of the chest freezer.

      Hope this helps, Lizbeth! Thanks for stopping by!


    • Beverly says

      Hey Lizbeth,
      Just thought I would share my freezer tips. I have had one my entire life. I will number it to keep it sensible.
      1. Buy wire baskets that fit across the top rail of the freezer. Place things that need to be used often there. For me it is butter, deli meats, breads.
      2. Use cardboard boxes packed & labelled for same meats or veggies, or for certain meals/food projects like canning items. Cardboard helps insulate from freezer burn, maintain a stable temp and prevents the foods from getting mixed around and forgetting how long it has been in there.
      3. I use a colour code tab system. Here in Canada we have bagged milk, the 1L bags I use for freezer bags and it holds portion sizes perfectly for meat or veggies. I use a colour bread tag to ID what is frozen. As follows:
      White=bread product
      Then letters on the colour tab denote specifics:
      G=ground (beef, pork, etc)

      You get the idea. Assign a legend to what suits you. I share as many tips as i can. Life is too busy to be wasted on searching for daily items.

      God bless


      • Sylvia Wu says

        That's a great system you have in place, going to try that, thanks, Beverly!


  3. Ve says

    These ideas are awsome. Would have never thought of them.


  4. nolamom2girlz says

    I’m a rather organized person. Heck, my door shelves are organized-one condiments, one for sauces -bbq, seasoning sauces/marinades, you get the point I’m sure. But these I’ve never thought of...thanks so much. Love these


  5. KSB says

    excellent fresh new ideas that are not all over Pinterest. keep them coming....PLEASE!!!


    • Sylvia Wu says

      Thanks for the comment, we try to showcase ideas that are outside the box! Thanks for stopping by, KSB!


  6. Tena says

    I love learning new ways to utilize my fridge.


    • Sylvia Wu says

      So many creative ideas out there, glad you found some new ways in this post. Thanks for stopping by, Tena!


  7. [emailprotected] says

    Love the bag clips to stop bottles from rolling around! Need to get plastic fridge bins for kids snacks, I would also label each drawer!


    • Sylvia Wu says

      All clever ideas, right? Labeling the drawers is brilliant! Thanks for stopping by, Estee!


  8. leesse says

    Lazy Susan! Mind Blown! AWESOME Hack!


    • Sylvia Wu says

      Haha, clever, right? Thanks for stopping by, Leesse!


  9. Texas Nana says

    My freezer is full with platic baskets for ( protein, fruit. veggie etc. So the icey tubes in shelving ideal won't work for me . I keep frozen gogurt tubes and icy tubes upright in a glass mug in freezer door shelf !! 8 tubes fit in a mug. I keep 6 glass mugs from the dollar store in freezer door. Frosty mugs keeps our cold drinks cold longer . Grandson is now tall enough to help himself to the gogurts in a mug in freezer without making a mess. It is handy dandy.


    • Sylvia Wu says

      Nice, that's so creative, Texas Nana! The best hacks are ones that keep your fridge or freezer organized and foods easily accessible. Thanks for stopping by!


  10. Holly Baker says

    Searched for the handy aode pouches but couldn't find. Any ideas can be ordered online??


    • Sylvia Wu says

      Hi Holly,

      The closest that I could find on Amazon were these pouches: http://amzn.to/2DaQu5B (affiliate link). The exact ones in the pic don't seem to be made anymore.

      Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by!



  11. Lisa B. says

    Wow. Why didn't I think of using a 3 drawer unit? My fridge doesnt have a deli drawer. Genius! I also have a leaky ice maker, so am going to use a single drawer unit as suggested. These were really helpful suggestions.


    • Sylvia Wu says

      Pretty creative solutions, right? Glad these suggestions helped, Lisa. Thanks for stopping by!


    • Sylvia Wu says

      Thanks for the tip, Judy. Perhaps some clementines or other easily accessible fruit that will get eaten quickly would work. Thanks for stopping by!


  12. Desma says

    Wow! The basket in the door is a unique tip I hadn't seen anywhere else! Awesome!


    • Sylvia Wu says

      Hi Desma, that one's my favorite! Thanks for stopping by!


  13. Karla says

    I love all these ideas! All the kids are grown but that icee hack is ingenious!!


    • Sylvia Wu says

      I know, right, Karla? That was my favorite hack as well. Thanks for stopping by!


  14. Nana Vanguilder says

    Totally stunning photos!


    • Sylvia Wu says

      I totally agree that other bloggers took such great photos. Thanks for the comment, Nana!


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