11 best idle games for Android for incremental fans (2024)

11 best idle games for Android for incremental fans (1)

Idle games are growing in popularity. The basic and most widespread variant is the incremental idle game. That’s where resources build up automatically. You use them to upgrade your stuff to generate resources more quickly. The loop has you continuously doing that until you generate massive numbers. Some idle games also have RPG, merge, and clicker mechanics. In this list, we’ll round up the best idle games for Android.

We also have separate lists for merge games, idle RPGs, and idle clicker games if you’re interested.

The best idle games for Android

  1. Almost a Hero
  2. Antimatter Dimensions
  3. Clickpocalypse II
  4. Egg, Inc
  5. Endless Frontier
  1. Exponential Idle
  2. Grimoire Incremental
  3. ISEPS
  4. Melvor Idle
  5. Minute series
  6. Soda Dungeon 2

Almost a Hero

Price: Free to play

Almost a Hero is technically an idle RPG, but it does have incremental elements. You send your heroes on adventures where they generate resources in the background while you’re offline. You use the resources to strengthen the heroes and send them on more perilous quests. On top of that, there are a few game modes, 17 heroes to level up, and plenty of other things to do. You can even upgrade each hero in several different ways. It’s a solid experience overall.

Antimatter Dimensions

Price: Free to play

Antimatter Dimensions is a more traditional incremental idle game. The goal is to generate ever-increasing numbers until you reach infinity. You do that using upgrades from the antimatter you generate. The numbers get pretty significant quickly, so people who enjoy seeing that have a game to play. Like most incremental games, it’s not complicated. You let the resources pile up, spend them on upgrades, and generate more help quickly. One downside is that the UI is a bit basic, but it has to be to accommodate such massive numbers.

Clickpocalypse II

Price: Free

11 best idle games for Android for incremental fans (3)

Clickpocalypse II doesn’t have the most excellent graphics. However, it’s one of the best idle games we know about. You create a party of heroes who go diving in dungeons. They generate XP and loot for themselves and resources for you. Of course, they also unlock various abilities as they level up. The UI is not the prettiest and can be hard to read on smaller screens. . So, this game might not be for you if you want a nice-looking UI. Otherwise, this is one of the best games in the genre. The game is free with advertising. We would’ve liked a payment method to remove ads, but it’s a minor nitpick.

Egg, Inc

Price: Free to play

Egg, Inc. is a farming simulator that uses idle and clicker mechanics. The game starts with you hatching a bunch of chickens. That generates resources for you to upgrade your farm and create more resources. We like the farm simulator’s take on incremental mechanics. It makes things feel more animated than you typically find in this space. The game also makes advertising optional, like many all-stars in this space. Aside from the occasional bug reported by players, there isn’t much wrong with this game.

Endless Frontier

Price: Free to play

Endless Frontier is another idle game with RPG and clicker elements. You click a bunch to level up your hero, and then they battle until they can’t anymore. The game plays in the background while you’re away, so you have plenty of resources to spend on upgrades when you return. It’s not the most elegant game in the idle genre, but we think it blends clicker, RPG, and inactive elements well. Plus, the quality of life stuff is pretty good as well. Aside from the occasionally sloppy presentation, we quite like this one.

Exponential Idle

Price: Free / Up to $3.99

11 best idle games for Android for incremental fans (4)

Exponential Idle is one of those games where the graphics take a backseat to mechanics. This one is a math-inspired incremental game. Your goal is to use exponential growth to generate tons and tons of money. From there, you do the usual stuff like buy upgrades and rewards. The unique part is where the player selects the equations from the list to help generate more money quickly. This one has a high level of polish and a decent difficulty level, and everything works as it should. We recommend this one for sure. The game however, does not have good graphics which some people find annoying.

Grimoire Incremental

Price: Free / $4.49

11 best idle games for Android for incremental fans (5)

Grimoire Incremental is a different kind of idle game. It lets you choose between clicking and idle for your resource generation. Thus, you can go more quickly with tapping when you play and let the idle part do its thing when you’re not. That doesn’t sound all that unique, but the way it’s implemented makes it feel that way. Players craft spells and use them to shape their experience. It’s easier to show than to explain with words, so we recommend giving it a try to see for yourself. It’s one of the best incremental games, for sure.


Price: Free to play

11 best idle games for Android for incremental fans (6)

ISEPS is an incremental game that uses particles. Your phone renders these pretty little particles that generate resources. You use the resources to create more and larger particles. Several upgrades increase your resource generation per second, which isn’t unique. However, what is notable is that some phones don’t have the graphical prowess to run this one because the particles are rendered high quality. There are no forced ads, and while there are in-app purchases, you don’t need them. It’s one of the better-looking options, even if it is still a simple game.

Melvor Idle

Price: Free / $9.99

Melvor Idle is one of the few premium idle games on the list. Runescape inspires the game, which shows through the wide range of choices the player has regarding things like unlocking skills. Everything you do serves a purpose. For example, you’ll generate more wood by buying into woodcutting. There is also a combat mechanic with over 100 monsters. The game also features over 1,100 items, pets, and other stuff to collect. The developer is also quite active, which is rare in a premium game.

Minute series

Price: Free with ads (usually)

Moitititi is a developer on Google Play with several good idle games under the Minute series. Examples include MinuteQuest, MinuteFrontier, MinuteMonsters, MinuteHunter, and MinuteKnights. The games are one-screen RPGs where you level up and fight with your heroes until you get to the end. The only downside is that the AFK part is slightly more limited than we usually see in incremental games. You can auto-schedule some stuff, but this is more of a manual game than others on the list. The games are free with advertising, but we would’ve liked to see a way to pay to remove the ads. They can get a little annoying on occasion.

Soda Dungeon 2

Price: Free to play

Soda Dungeon 2 is the sequel to the highly successful Soda Dungeon, and it’s a good game in its own right. The game has players hire Soda Junkies to go on adventures and quests on their behalf. Thus, you get loot without having to do much. This one is nice because you can do stuff you can’t normally do. For example, there’s a custom behaviors mechanic where you can program your characters to do what you want while you’re not there. The game lets you earn battle credits while offline, which you can exchange for items when you return. However, the game does tend to get repetitive as you play on.

If we missed any big idle games, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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